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Essential Oils:



Basil - breathing difficulties, colds, flu, sinusitis.

Cinnamon - constipation, fatigue, stress, low blood pressure.

Coriander - arthritis, indigestion, nausea, rheumatism.

Cypress - hemorrhoids, rheumatism, varicose veins.

Dill - extreme pains.

Eucalyptus - arthritis, bronchitis, cold sores, coughing.

Fennel - bruises, cellulite, bad breath, water retention.

Frankincense - anxiety, asthma, stress, coughing.

Ginger - sore muscles, arthritis, poor circulation.

Hyssop - sore throat and coughing, bruises.

Jasmine - depression, dry skin, fatigue.

Lavender - acne, anxiety, athlete’s foot, chicken pox.


Lemon - colds, flu, varicose veins, warts.

Myrrh - bronchitis, bad breath, hemorrhoids, itching.

Myrtle - asthma, sore throat and coughs.

Nutmeg - constipation, sore muscles, poor circulation.

Oregano - infections, sore throat and cough, digestion.

Parsley - arthritis, cellulite, indigestion, rheumatism.

Peppermint - Asthma, colic, fever, nausea, vertigo.

Rosemary - sore muscles, dandruff, gout, cramping.

Sandalwood - chapped skin, depression, stretch marks.

Spearmint - digestion, breathing problems, expectorant.


Tangerine - flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, poor circulation.

Thyme - immune system, poor circulation, arthritis.

Tea Tree - infections, genital infections, acne, burns.

Ylang-Ylang - depression, aphrodisiac, sedative.




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